My approach is integrative which means that I draw on a number of schools of thoughts from person-centred and humanistic to attachment-based. I worked in large organisations (international, private and NHS) as well as medium sized businesses, which together with my clinical training and experience, has provided me with a unique understanding of organisational life and dynamics from a systemic and attachment viewpoint.
My supervisory work with counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers or occupational therapists aims to explore with them how they approach their work, how their clients and the settings they work in impact and resonate with them. I am mindful of how important self-care is in this profession.

My understanding and clinical experience of the intricate dynamics of end of life care, chronic illness care and bereavement support issues enable me to bring insights to the work of nurses, ward managers, psychologists, occupational therapists and others involved in chronic and life limiting illness and end of life care.